Our cabochons come from a variety of sources – some are hand cut by Patti, some are cut by our cabber friends, such as Odie House; some are bought out of old collections or through other venues. No matter their source, we strive to bring you the best quality material available at a variety of price levels. Our cabochons are perfect for cabochon collectors or for jewellers in the US and abroad who are looking to create their highest quality and most original statement pieces.

We do all of our own photography, and the camera definitely shows everything – both good and bad in our cabs so you know exactly what you are getting when you purchase our cabochons. Some cabochons are polished on the back so they are suitable for open back bezels or for our wire-wrapping enthusiasts.

To view the cabochons in a larger format please click on the image.

Cabochon: Crazy Lace Agate, 
A beautifully banded, multicolor, teardrop shaped cab with parallax in the banding at lower left. Polished on the back.
31mm x 21.5mm x 6.5mm

Price: $20.00

Cabochon: Druzy Gem Silica, Arizona
A fine, slightly curved triangular shaped cab covered with fine druzy crystals on pale aqua Gem Silica. There is one tiny black inclusion. Polished on the back.
18mm x 12mm x 3mm

Price: $45.00

Cabochon: Labradorite,
A very nice freeform cab with good flash and a stripe down the middle. Polished on the back.
30mm x 15.5mm x 6.3mm

Price: $10.00

Cabochon: Black Fortification Agate, Mexico
This is an awesome little fortification agate with black plumy inclusions. It is an asymmetrical triangular cab and is not polished on the back.
14.9mm x 13.2mm x 4.3mm

Price: $12.00

Cabochon: Included Agate,
A lovely heart shaped cab filled with dark gold inclusions surrounded by white borders in a pink background. Polished on the back.
32.4mm x 30.4mm x 6.7mm

Price: $24.00

Cabochon: Rhodochrosite, Argentina
A gemmy, translucent pink freeform cab with white bands and metallic flowers. This cab is cut with a flat face and sides, so especially good for wire wrappers. Polished on the back.
45.9mm x 14.6mm x 9.6mm

Price: $18.00

Cabochon: Hubei Turquoise,
A very pretty trio of oval, ring-size cabs in a variety of colors and patterns. Not polished on the back.
All approximately 8mm x 10mm x 3mm

Price: $16.00

Cabochon: Included Agate, Graveyard Pt., Oregon
An attractive oval cab featuring sparkly metallic branches and creamy floating patterns in translucent agate. Not polished on the back.
29.6mm x 22mm x 5.6mm

Price: $16.00

Cabochon: Fortification Agate,
Cady Mtns., CA
A boldly banded freeform cab in shades of white and grey with a little green moss in translucent agate. Not polished on the back.
45mm x 32mm x 5.4mm

Price: $22.00

Cabochon: Crazy Lace Agate,
A beautiful oval shaped cab with great patterns of bubbles, bands with parallax, sagenite, and lace. Polished on the back.
32.8mm x 24.6mm x 7mm

Price: $22.00

Cabochon: Rutilated Quartz, Brazil
This freeform cab has beautiful bright gold rutile needles in clear quartz. Polished on the back.
28mm x 23.6mm x 7.2mm

Price: $40.00

Cabochon: Stick Agate, Turkey
This is a rounded triangular freeform cab with great sticks & other inclusions in multiple colors. Polished on the back.
38.4mm x 44.3mm x 4.9mm

Price: $20.00

Cabochon: Marcasite in Agate, Indonesia
This freeform cab has great dark brassy silver plumes in blue agate. Polished on the back.
29.4mm x 20.7mm x 4.8mm

Price: $12.00

Cabochon: Leopardskin Jasper, 
A very pretty slightly curved triangular shaped cab with great orby patterns. Not polished on the back.
34.8mm x 26.3mm x 6.1mm

Price: $14.00

Cabochon: Banded/Included Agate, Montana
This is a terrific oval cab featuring white bands, tiny dendrites, and other inclusions in translucent agate. There is a small chip on the back in the upper right edge, but that shouldn’t detract from the beauty of the cab when set. Not polished on the back.
40.6mm x 30.5mm x 5.4mm

Price: $18.00

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