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Welcome to our newest creations! Patti and her partner Kevin Kubie have collaborated together to create a brand new line of one-of-a-kind hand thrown and embellished ceramic vases, planters, and pots that will adorn and brighten your everyday environment with their magical and bewitching beauty. No two are ever the same.

Kevin has been throwing clay since the early 2000’s and is driven by a passion to continually hone his skills in building pieces that are each as individual as he is, while ensuring that his work is of the highest quality and craftmanship. Patti and Kevin work together to hand glaze each piece to create unique organic finishes and harmonius color combinations, then Patti expertly embellishes each piece with an assortment of thoughtfully chosen materials that include gemstones, semi-precious stone beads and fetishes; crystals, agates, turquoise, Swarovski crystal beads, Czech glass beads, vintage and contemporary jewelry pieces; silver plated, patinaed copper and brass charms; and found objects.

We offer two basic styles ~ an open, wider neck pot that is embellished on the face with various adornments, and a draped neck bottle style pot that has a more closed neck with the embellishments encircling and resting on the shoulder of the pot.

The smaller pots are perfectly suited for holding your small household items, favorite jewelry pieces, trinkets, and personal altar elements, while the larger vases are great for displaying items like flowers or peacock feathers, or for containing pieces like incense sticks or sage bundles, and our planters are perfect for any of your small flowering plants or cactus. All pots are waterproof.

Personally, we love when Nature takes its course with our work, and we embrace all so-called imperfections as an integral part of our creative process. We hope you will love owning our pieces as much as we have loved creating them for you.

Click on the link images below to see our beautiful Bejeweled Ceramics selections ~

Bejeweled Ceramics ~ Draped Neck Pots

Bejeweled Ceramics ~ Embellished Open Neck Pots