Agates Gallery

All of the agates, jaspers, and other stones in the gallery are from my own personal collection, and almost every one I’ve hand-collected from either Arizona, California, or New Mexico in the field. The agates from other locations I have either bought, received as a gift, or got in trade from friends. A few of these are no longer in my possession and have moved on to other collections, either given away as gifts or sold.

Most of the agates I collect are from rare or unknown locations that I have discovered myself through many years of diligent research and many long miles of hiking and prospecting in remote areas throughout the southwest. Many of my agates aren’t exceptionally large, but they are generally nicely colored with good patterns, and are very special to me due to the uniqueness and rarity of their locations.

Generally, I now keep my locations very private since I have learned the hard way about trusting so-called rockhound “friends” too much and later finding my hard-earned personal areas completely ravaged by the unscrupulous, greedy collectors that I had so generously shared my locations with.

All of the gallery photos I have taken myself, and I am by no means a professional photographer. Due to their high polish, some are very hard to photograph and I have not altered the photos in any way except to sharpen them, or to do a little color correction to keep them as faithful to the originals as possible.

As I continue to add to the gallery I am going to include as many different varieties of material as possible in an attempt to provide a good reference source for all you rockhounds and agate collectors out there.  I hope you enjoy the beauty and fascination of the agates as much as I do!

New Mexico
Other Countries