Welcome to the Awareness Information Page

First of all, just for reference sake, most of my adult life I was never a politically opinionated, or even a very politically interested, person. That has changed radically though over the last couple of years as I have watched our once great country, our rights, and our freedoms being systematically destroyed by powers that seek to destroy our way of life and our very lives. This path of destruction has no political party – it is much larger than that, it is global.

I was lucky to be born into a time when we rode freely in the back of pickup trucks with the wind in our hair, rode our bikes without helmets or kneepads, played in the dirt in our backyard with the dog, spent time outdoors enjoying the sunshine and blue skies, ate home-cooked food, knew our neighbors, and got in trouble if we were disrespectful towards our elders or were discourteous to others. My dad was a no-nonsense World War II Marine that fought hard for our country, killed people so we would have our freedoms, and watched his best buddies die at the hands of the enemy right before his eyes. He never recovered from that experience and was a permanently damaged human being until the day he died – that was his personal sacrifice for the freedoms he believed in for our great country. God bless his soul and I pray that his sacrifice wasn’t in vain.

With this background I guess it was just a matter of time before I awakened to the tyranny that has befallen our country, and many other countries worldwide. I cannot believe the ever-accelerating pace at which I am witnessing the terrible loss of our freedoms, choices, and lives at the hands of those evil, wealthy, and powerful few who wish to dominate us in the USA, and worldwide, on our once healthy and beautiful planet.

In an effort to fight back, I have created this page as a resource for others who also want to fight back, find some support, or who are looking for avenues of information that are being suppressed by the medical profession, corporate news media, social media, and major search engines – you know who they are.

I am working on finding and adding the links to the very best websites, apps, scientists, doctors, journalists, Patriots, and others that I can find to share with you here.
I will be continuing to add to the lists below as I find new sources of information. Please feel free to share this information with as many people as you can – WWG1WGA!

Many of the people and organizations listed below have podcasts and operate on a variety of platforms – I will only list the uncensored platforms that I support, except in the case of YT, since some of the resources are there.
The abbreviations for the platforms are: website (web), Telegram (tel), YouTube (yt), Rumble (rum), and are in no particular order. Do your own research!

Uncensored Browsers, Apps & Platforms

Places you can go where you can access all the information that is being hidden from you by those who wish to keep you in the dark and powerless

BRAVE (search engine)

Qwant (search engine)

Telegram (app)

Rumble (app)

Truth Social (web/app)

Gab (web)

Health and Wellness

Information about the Covid hoax, the futility of mask wearing, and the dangers of the experimental injections (not a vaccine!)

Direct Links to Important Videos and Info

Online News Sources

Uncensored News and Free Speech 

Political Awareness and People to Know

Information about what is really happening in our world by the Patriots that are leading the good fight!


Information about the great state of Arizona that I proudly call home

Everything Else

Those things that just don’t quite fit anywhere else, and a little fun